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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Exeter Raspberry Jam 5/9/15

A well attended jam where we had a number of Raspberry Pis set up and waiting for people to try minecraft, scratch and sonic pi. Sonic pi seemed particularly popular.

We saw a number of new people; someone who wanted help designing a game using pygame (Paul Sutton gave lots of help here) and someone who wanted help with an Arduino (we are not exclusively Raspberry Pi). There were also a few people who had heard of the Raspberry Pi but not seen one. I think I may have persuaded at least one person to get one so we hope to see him again at a later date showing us what he's been up to.

On show we had some robots from Tom Brough, one controlled via an xbox controller through the pi and then via bluetooth to an Arduino on board the chassis.

This jam we held in the Rougemont Room in Exeter Library rather than Meeting Room One where it's been before. This gave us a lot more space and for the next jam we will try having one side of the room very informal (as usual) and the other side more structured, maybe a bit of minecraft or flashing an led using python.

The next jam is on Saturday 3rd October 10 – 12 in the Rougemont Room, Exeter Library.

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