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Monday, 7 December 2015

Exeter Raspberry Jam 5th December 2016

Another excellent pi jam with quite a bit going on.  On arrival the room was already set up with about 8 Raspberry Pis set up for use by visitors,  two of which had Speakers attached so users could have a go with Sonic Pi.
Pi Workstations set up for use.
You can have a go at :
  • Scratch
  • Sonic Pi
  • Minecraft-Pi
  • Minecraft Pi programming
  • And much more.
Lego / Scratch project
Ivan brought along a project using lego, lights and using scratch to control the lights as a  Christmas themed demo.

This is Toms latest project (or one of them) using a compass module attached to the Arduino Nano.

This is Toms snake game,  with more improvements from the previous Tech jam.

This is part of a future project,  a robot controlled by a NE555 timer bought from Banggood,  Tom is going to try and integrate an arduino inside and give it an OLED display with LEDs etc.  Work in progress as he only got it yesterday.

An improved mood light,  with 2 tri-colour LEDs,   Which has also all been soldered up.

Finally this is the Pi Zero,  which unless you have been living in a cave the past few weeks is the new Raspberry Pi.   This is my one,  still in the blister pack but need a few more parts to get it up and running.

(Paul Sutton)

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